Snow Day & Valentine’s Day Plans

Today, I have an unexpected day off work, because the library where I work is closed due to snow (we’re getting now as I write this) and freezing rain and ice (expected later). I also took a vacation day on Thursday for Valentine’s Day so I could spend the day with my wife who also is off until she goes to work later that night (11:45 for a midnight shift Friday morning). With Valentine’s Day, we already had plans, starting on Wednesday night, but now I “have to” have plans for today too. Sigh. 😉

So…”what are those plans for both days?” you may ask or maybe you don’t ask, but I’m going to answer anyway.

Today is a little more amorphous than tomorrow night into Thursday since it was unexpected. For me, it might be continuing to read White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg. It might not. It might end up me just staring at my navel. For my wife, it is writing letters as part of International Correspondence Writing Month, which Kim is doing as part of a Facebook group for Goulet pens. Later today, we’re also having tacos, but that already was planned for (natch) Taco Tuesday.

The plans for Valentine’s Day Eve and Valentine’s Day are more crafted than today’s plans, starting with a Letterkenny marathon, “nibblies,” and booze, specifically gin and whatever juice we choose to mix with it. You might ask or might not, but I’m going to answer the question anyway: “What is Letterkenny?” It’s this (incredibly crude at times, NSFW) Canadian TV show on CraveTV (and Hulu). So watch this clip at your own risk:

Then on Valentine’s Day proper, we’re going to be slightly more subdued with a trio of movies: the 1996 version of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet from Baz Luhrmann, the 1992 movie Orlando with Tilda Swinton and Billy Zane, and the 1987 classic Moonstruck, one of my wife’s favorite movies. I’ll leave you with the trailer for Orlando since that’s probably the one you haven’t heard of, but for some reason, we recently were reminded of it and decided we needed to see it again:

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? Any special traditions you have? Share in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Snow Day & Valentine’s Day Plans

  1. I’m totally into navel-staring.

    So great that you get to spend Valentine’s together. My husband is traveling, as usual. We seldom actually see each other on special occasions, but that’s OK. Weekends are nice. Enjoy your snow day and holiday together!

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  2. How nice that you both have Valentine’s Day off. We both work, but will probably go out to dinner or order pizza.
    I loved Orlando. I used to watch such good movies.


  3. I think it’s awesome how your plans are so detailed and thorough! For Valentine’s Day, my husband is making my favorite dinner: alfredo. We will also probably watch an episode of Channel Zero which we’re working our way through. Not very romantic, I know! Haha.
    I’m so envious right now. My library NEVER EVER closes. We’ve had horrible blizzards and ice storms but we’re still open. Sigh.


  4. We don’t really do much on Valentine’s Day even if it falls on the weekend. I will try to order takeout but even takeout is difficult on that night. Too busy. Everywhere.

    I’ve never heard of that TV show. I watched the clip. Seems like something The Hub would like.

    My son is a big Office and Parks and Rec fan. I don’t care for the shaky camera angles but I am growing fond of each show now that it’s been on so much in the background. I really do not get to watch much TV though.

    We have a ice warning for the next two days. Black ice, twice this week on my way in. I avoided it but some did not. So, by our standards it’s cold. It was 33 when I got into the car at 5am.


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