My One Word for 2019

I’m not sure when I started doing this or who got me started. I probably have it somewhere in my old blog (which unfortunately is gone). I did find a few notes on Evernote from previous years so I can tell you that in 2015, my one word actually was two words: “Focus” and “equilibrium.” The equilibrium part of it was because I had just discovered that year that I have tinnitus. In 2016, the word was “Reinvigorate.”

Without further ado, this year’s word is:

This morning, as many mornings, I was talking to my wife at a mile a minute and she said as she often does: “Breathe!” As it is New Year’s Day, I realized that this would be my One Word, because it seemed and seems so apropos. In late October, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been on a CPAP ever since. I won’t rehash everything that I said in all the previous posts on the subject, but I will repeat this line as to why I don’t let the face mask bother me: “Because the way I look at it is that…um…breathing is better than NOT BREATHING AT ALL!”

So this coming year, as I turn 50 and focus on my 10 goals for the year, I am going to allow myself to:

  • breathe as I walk and talk.
  • breathe as I sleep.
  • breathe as I relax to start the day and end the day and remain chill in the times in between, from Matins to Compline.

After all, from what I hear, breathing is good.

Do you have a One Word for 2019? If so, what is it? Share in the comments or with a link to your blog post on the word.

11 thoughts on “My One Word for 2019

  1. I love this word, it’s such a good reminder to pause and think and be present. I am still working on my post about it, but my word this year is going to be “whole,” thinking about all the different pieces of my life and how they fit together. It should be an interesting year!


  2. I think that’s a lovely word!

    The first place I heard of this one-word thing (I think) was from Sheila at Book Journey. I’ve made some in the past but generally forgot about them within a month or two. This year I didn’t actively choose one, but my brain has settled itself on one anyway: Purpose.

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  3. I didn’t have a word for 2018 even though I had one in previous years. This year, FB chose Change for me which doesn’t excite me all that much but perhaps is more fitting than I know. I may keep it. Not sure. If so I will write up an official post for it.

    I think your word is a good one because it can mean many different things. Like, slow down or stop. All of 2018 was a blur for me. I’m really feeling quite the mess as a result.


  4. I saw this was your word on IG and thought how appropriate it was for you given your discovery last year and need for a CPAP. I am not adopting a word this year, but I think we all need to remember to breathe more often these days!

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