#AMonthofFaves 2018: How We Holiday

Again today, I’m joining hosts  GirlxoxoTraveling with T and Estella’s Revenge for their annual #AMonthofFaves blog event – “a fun way to recap the year that was” with “every day of the event (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) planned out” and  a link-up on all their blogs. Today’s topic is…

How We Holiday

Yep, it’s like that.

Well, minus the chicken and collard greens, rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese…and no yule log or busting Christmas carols.

So yeah, nothing like that.

We do drink egg nog, not under mistletoe, though.

The prompt for today’s theme was “Rep your home’s holiday look, share pictures of your holiday decorations. Christmas tree, your favorite holiday traditions, holiday festivities, favorite ornaments, places to go, holiday drinks, holiday eats, holiday themed reads.” 

Home’s holiday look, pictures of holiday’s decorations

My wife and I don’t do any of those, because of…well…cats. Really, one of our cats, Seamus, and the fact that we live in a small house so not a lot of room anyway. I usually take pictures of my father’s Christmas decorations at his and my mom’s house. He always does an amazing job.

Favorite holiday traditions

We watch a few Christmas movies regularly each year, including National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim as Scrooge.

Holiday festivities, favorite ornaments, places to go

This is all related to one place: my parents,’ where I get to see my childhood Christmas ornaments that my dad has placed on the tree. Depending on the year and my wife’s schedule (she is a 911 dispatcher and works midnight shifts), we both go over to spend Christmas with my parents, my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and niece. Or I go by myself. This year, my wife is off for Christmas so we’ll go over to their house (about 60 miles away)on Christmas Day.

So if you celebrate any of the upcoming holidays, how do you holiday?

7 thoughts on “#AMonthofFaves 2018: How We Holiday

  1. Christmas in Hollis has been in my head since Sunday’s high school ministry party, where it was played on a loop (it seemed).

    My life group had our Christmas Party last Tuesday and we played games and ate a ton of food. Our food theme was Southern Christmas so we had all the faves.

    Tonight we are attending Christmas service. Our church has about 12 services because it’s so large and we like the less busy one… Thursday is usually that but it’s also the first service so sometimes there are tech issues.

    On Christmas Eve we will head to my MILs. My nephew is down with his three small kids so that will be fun.

    Christmas Day we normally make dinner reservations but after running out of food last year, I am going to pick up a prime rib roast and make it at home and then we will see Mary Poppins.

    The fam wants to go to Knott’s Berry Farm after Christmas so we shall see. We also have lots of little things planned like museum trips and the like.


  2. “Yep, it’s like that.” — And that’s the way it is!

    I couldn’t resist 🙂

    Do you watch the movies at your parents’ place or is that something you and Kim do alone together?


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