No sense letting to go to empty when don’t have to…

No sense letting to go to empty when don’t have to…

A lesson with cars…

And life.

I texted this to my wife this morning in a conversation we initially were having about cat food (aside: so expensive!).

I realized, as I looked at the piles of books on our bookcase, this also applies to my book borrowing and book buying habits.

Even if I am not reading anything, I have to have at least one book, if not more, in the queue (tank). For example, this week I borrowed four books from our hometown library and one from Free Library of Philadelphia’s Overdrive. Whether or not, I will read them over the next few weeks, that is another thing, but the point is I can’t let my tank go to empty.

However, when I first typed the text to my wife I misspelled “sense” with “since.” No since letting to go to empty when don’t have to…was that my subconscious trying to tell me something? That it’s OK to let go to empty even when don’t have to? Though, in this case, not a lesson with cars. Maybe about reading and life.

Just empty your shelves, empty your life, sometimes, and start over. In the past, I have done that with my reading, at least in terms of what is checked out from the library. Perhaps, as I approach my 50th year, I need to do that with my life more than I already have done.

Maybe there in sense in my letting the tank go to empty even when I don’t have to.

6 thoughts on “No sense letting to go to empty when don’t have to…

  1. I always feel weird when I don’t have at least one book checked out from the library. Because then what would I read next–something already on my shelf? Preposterous!

    There did come a point when I did limit the number of books I had checked out because it was ridiculous to have a stack by my bed that I knew I wouldn’t read. So I’m willing to get to about a 1/4 tank or almost on E, which is honestly about as low as I like to let my literal gas tank get.


  2. I usually get my books through the library but via OverDrive. But this past week I had to get a print copy from the library for book club and I am stressing about it so much. It’s due Christmas Eve. I have yet to read it and do you think I will remember to return it by Christmas Eve? So I wish I had let my tank go to empty.


  3. I think your sentiments are why New Year’s is such a popular time or even the beginning of the school year – because it is a natural time for us to let go of the past and start with a clean slate. We all need that opportunity in our lives because it is a way to shed some of our burdens. The song “Let It Go” was more prescient than people realize.

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