#AMonthofFaves 2018: Ch-ch-changes

Again today, I’m joining hosts  GirlxoxoTraveling with T and Estella’s Revenge for their annual #AMonthofFaves blog event – “a fun way to recap the year that was” with “every day of the event (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) planned out” and  a link-up on all their blogs. Today’s topic is 
 “Routines, Habits and Changes. What Worked this Year and/or What Didn’t,” with the prompt: “What habits, routines or rituals worked for you this year – either something you kept doing – or something new that you started. What did you try that didn’t work … or what did you used to do that no longer works for you.”

Something I kept doing

I am a creature of habit and routine. For example, Friday night is burger night for me and my wife…almost always. The other thing that is routine is when I wake up and before I go to bed, I listen to music and play Solitaire on my phone. It relaxes me before I start my day and winds me down before I end my day. I listen mostly to chill, electronic music, such as what I’m listening to now as I type this:

Or this:

Something new I started

My wife was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation last August and as part of her treatment, she was put on a CPAP machine which has helped her immensely. Since then, she had kept telling me that I have sleep apnea and that I should be on a CPAP.  In late October, I had a home sleep study and an overnight sleep study that determined I had severe sleep apnea. I started using a CPAP machine almost immediately.

Only days later, my numbers had drastically improved from almost 90 events per hour (meaning I was stopping breathing that many times each hour!) to under TWO per hour. That is what the number has pretty much stayed, never going above FIVE in this first month and a half. Unlike others whom I have heard stop using a machine after only a few days because the mask was uncomfortable, I have adapted to using the machine and mask relatively easily.

Why? Because the way I look at it is that…um…breathing is better than NOT BREATHING AT ALL! That is what could happen if I don’t use the mask when I sleep. I could have a heart attack and die in my sleep, and with my wife on midnight shift four days out of the week, I cannot risk it. So even when I take a nap, I strap on the mask and the machine starts up. I’m not going to risk my life just because it might feel uncomfortable. Now it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to me and also if a mask is uncomfortable, it can be changed to another mask which might be more comfortable than the first one.

So now I throw the questions to you: What habits, routines or rituals worked for you this year – either something you kept doing – or something new that you started? What did you try that didn’t work…or what did you used to do that no longer works for you?

18 thoughts on “#AMonthofFaves 2018: Ch-ch-changes

  1. YES! My husband has been on a CPAP for a couple of years now, and it’s done him a world of good! Love your attitude about it. Definitely better than NOT BREATHING!


  2. I am so glad the CPAP machine is working! And your attitude toward the mask/machine is super healthy and probably how I would approach it, too.


  3. I used to listen to music on my way to work but now I listen to this one podcast I enjoy. I found it late so I have over 220 episodes to catch-up with and it’s still running so I am pretty happy. It’s content is primarily geared to a female audience but it’s very inspirational. Mostly discusses how small changes can create good. For example, a mom who worked with Haitian artisans to create jewelry to be sold here in the US. Creates jobs for them, but the money also goes towards the battle against sex trafficking. I’ve been fascinated with these give-back stories.

    Another thing that has worked for me is as soon as I get to work, I do my Bible study. I get to work an hour early every day for this. Sets the tone for my day. Like it a lot.

    i will continue to do these things in the coming year.


      1. Oh!! It’s called The Happy Hour by Jamie Ivey. I listen for free on Spotify but it’s in iTunes and Stitcher too. It’s even on YouTube.


  4. I’m so glad to hear that the CPAP is working for you. I know people for whom it has made a HUGE difference. And good for you for your positive attitude about the mask.


  5. I have to use a CPAP, too, and once I got past the stage where my body was like, what? Good sleep finally? Let’s sleep all the time to make up for lost time! phase, I can’t imagine sleeping without it.

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  6. I am so happy that your CPAP is working and that your sleep is improving, although I suspect I am not as happy as your wife or you. 90 episodes per hour is a scary number. I meet with the sleep specialist at the beginning of the year, and I will admit to being nervous. My family does not think I have sleep apnea, but we shall see!


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