Our Thanksgiving Week 2018


…our Thanksgiving Week went exactly as I outlined last post:

  1. I watched the Monster Energy NASCAR Championship with neighbors. My driver, Martin Truex Jr., did not win the title, but he was “in the mix” at the end.
  2. Kim and I did a “hate watch” of the Twilight movies from Sunday night through Wednesday, with the help of Rifftrax and alcohol.
  3. It was just the two of us for Thanksgiving dinner as Kim worked the midnight shift that night and we were unable to go to my parents because she still needed to sleep before going in.
  4. Friday, Kim and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary by staying in and eating leftovers.
  5. Friday, Saturday, and today, I participated, and still am participating, in the 2018 edition of Thankfully Reading Weekend (click on the link on image above for more information).

Since Friday, I reread most of this book and plan to finish it. I will admit that I skimmed parts of it in the beginning, because Duncan can be long-winded. I had forgotten about that since I read probably more than 20 years ago, when I was still in college. That said, I am enjoying it, especially my favorite part in the book, which still is my favorite part in the book, and am not rushing the rest of it. I am letting it flow over me over three days, including today, cleanse my soul, and hopefully refresh my reading mojo.

Over the weekend, we also watched this movie:

…and it was great. Neither of us have read the book, so we can’t speak to it, but the movie was amazing. It’s one from this year that you need to see.

How was your week/weekend/holiday? Was reading included? If so, read anything good? Watch anything good?

6 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving Week 2018

  1. I really need to see Crazy Rich Asians and on Netflix, everyone is talking about that Kurt Russell movie Christmas Chronicles so I think that will be watched soon. I think I will do a Thanksgiving recap post since I forgot to schedule my Sunday past last week.


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