Thanksgiving Plans 2018


…officially my long Thanksgiving weekend begins Tuesday night after I am done with work and lasts until next Monday. Unofficially, it begins today…

…as this afternoon I am watching the Monster Energy NASCAR Championship with neighbors and tonight Kim and I are starting a “hate watch” of the Twilight movies. Kim usually works Sunday night into Monday morning but is off this week. We got the idea from a friend on Instagram, and we plan to use a mix of Rifftrax and alcohol to enhance the experience.

We plan to continue the “hate watch” across Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday, it will be just the two of us for Thanksgiving dinner as Kim works the midnight shift that night.

On Friday, Kim and I celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. Normally we’d go out for dinner, but since it falls on Black Friday this year, we’ll probably just stay in and eat leftovers.

Theoretically, that means the rest of the weekend is left for the 2018 edition of Thankfully Reading Weekend (click on the link on image above for more information and/or to sign up). I don’t have a pile of books from which I am choosing unlike readathons I participated in earlier this year. Instead, I have one reread planned.

I read this book in college after a mutual friend of me and my wife introduced me to it. It instantly became an all-time favorite along with A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, which she also introduced to us. Recently I recommended it to a patron and as she was talking about parts of the book, I realized that I had forgotten a lot of it, hence this reread. I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with this old friend.

However, we’ll see if it’s this coming week…as I have other temptations on Net and Amazon Prime, which includes, but is not limited to this:

So those are my plans. What are yours for the upcoming week/weekend/holiday? Is reading included? If so, anything you are looking forward to? Read anything good lately?

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Plans 2018

  1. So this seems like a monumentally stupid plan, but Jason’s work has decided they need to finish a major project by the day after Thanksgiving. This is a project that originally had a deadline of the end of the year, so they’ve moved it up nearly six weeks AND made it due right next to a holiday. Which means the entire team gets off on Thanksgiving proper but the rest of the days this week will be extra hours both in and out of office. Ugh. We traditionally put up all our Christmas stuff on the day after Thanksgiving, but it’ll have to wait until Saturday this year.


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