One book at a time, Part II

As I mentioned last week, I returned all the books I had checked out and cancelled all my holds in order to only read one book at a time, either from books from the library or books I already own. The book I selected first was The Late Show by Michael Connelly, which came out last July and I initially planned not to read because Connelly was introducing a new character Renée Ballard and I really wasn’t interested in a new character. However, on Tuesday, I learned that for the next Harry Bosch novel, he would be teaming Bosch up with Ballard so then I decided I “had to” read this one.

As mentioned in the caption above, it was pretty good, even though it wasn’t great. Of course, it is the first in a series so it has time to get there. It’s just not there yet. I still don’t know if I’d read it if she wasn’t teaming up with Bosch for the next one, but it was a good one to start my new/old policy of reading one book at a time.

How about you? Do you read one book at a time? Or do you have multiple books going at once? If you do, I’m just curious how you do it? I’ve never been able to do that, perhaps because I’m fairly single-minded.

5 thoughts on “One book at a time, Part II

  1. I usually have one audiobook and one electronic book going at the same time. This weekend, I started one electronic book and one print book as well as one audiobook. So far, all three are so different that I am not having any problems. I don’t like having to visual books going at the same time though. I like finishing one and then moving onto another one.


  2. I usually have at least two going — one print and one audio. If one is fiction, most likely the other is nonfiction. There’s often a third on my Kindle, and perhaps something on my nightstand. How I do this? I have no idea, but I will say if one is a review book, I’ll try not to have more than 2 going at one time.


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