In Limbo

Fishing in Limbo
“Fishing in Limbo” by Andrew Imanaka via Flickr.

This ⬆️is basically where I am as I end this past week and start a new week:

  • I’m still reading The Cruelest Month, the third Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, by Louise Penny.
  • I’m not watching much of anything beyond the original CSI  on Hulu.
  • I’m still listening to Father John Misty’s latest album (came out in June), God’s Favorite Customer, over and over, and now I’m getting my wife hooked.
  • I’m not doing much of anything because the weather while not super hot or hot at all compared to southern California or Texas standards where a few of you readers are from, it has been incredibly humid. Last night, the humidity was 97 percent, even though the temperature was in the high 60s (Fahrenheit). Oddly, or maybe not so much, it felt horrible.

Add on to that, we learned last night of the death of a relative with whom sadly our family had a complicated past (I’ll just leave it at that, not trying to be vague here, but it’s really…well…too complicated to explain). So today, I’ll try to continue to read The Cruelest Month, although I’ll be honest that I doubt I’ll be able to focus much and probably just will listen to some music, play Solitaire, and watch CSI reruns.

So what have you been/are you reading, watching, listening to, and/or doing this past week/today?

5 thoughts on “In Limbo

  1. Ah, complicated familial relationships. They are already fraught with tension, but a death of someone with whom you have a complicated relationship is not worse but comes with a completely different set of emotions. Know that both Kim and you are loved and that I am keeping you both in my thoughts as you work through those emotions.

    More humidity today. I am SO over it. I refuse to go outside during the day. I detest that feeling of instantaneous sweating that occurs the minute you walk out the door these days.


  2. The loss of someone with whom you’ve had a complicated past can be fraught with so many emotions. I know. Hope you and the wife are OK. Be gentle with yourselves this week. No pressure on the reading or movie fronts, either. These are the dog days of summer; we’re entitled (and dare I say, expected!) to take it easier than usual.


  3. I feel your pain with the humidity. I live in L.A. where we practically freeze to death at 70F but I’m currently in Arkansas. Yesterday I saw that it was 70F so I said “Sweet! Let me read my book on the back porch! I’ll probably need to put on some warmer clothes, but let’s see…” It was so humid I couldn’t drink my coffee out there. Too hot!!!! It was cooler INSIDE where we have the AC set at 79F.

    I’m sorry to hear about your family member.

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