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Each Wednesday either my wife or I share what we are watching (either together or separately) in terms of movies and TV each week in a feature called “What We’re Watching Wednesday.” This week, it’s the streaming service Hulu.

A couple of years ago, my sister got us a gift of Hulu for a year, but we decided that it wasn’t worth it for only two or three shows, at the time, the original CSI for me and Brooklyn Nine-Nine for both of us so we canceled it so she wasn’t paying for it and also because we didn’t want to continue it. However, earlier this year, when I learned from Kim of the blog Sophisticated Dorkiness that Hulu had “gotten” the complete ER, I was very tempted. I used to have several episodes of the series, especially the early years, recorded on VHS, and always wanted to rewatch the series, especially those first few seasons with Anthony Edwards and George Clooney.

Fast forward to last week: I was thinking about getting MHz Choice through Amazon Channels because we had watched an episode of Inspector Montalbano based on the brilliant Italian book series by Andrea Camilleri that we had borrowed via Hoopla from the Free Library of Philadelphia. I thought about getting the channel, but wanted to see what else they had. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize any of the other titles and one of the shows we wanted to finish watching (the third season), Borgen, isn’t available for streaming. So I decided that wasn’t worth it and then I remembered Hulu. Maybe it was time to give them a second look…

…and I’m glad I did. This time around, the streaming service had more shows than just CSI and Brooklyn Nine-Nine that we wanted to watch. For example, we had been watching Bob’s Burgers on Netflix, but then it was abruptly taken off. We’ve been wanting to get back to the show and now we can. A few other shows we are looking forward to: Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, The Shield (which we never did see the end of), The Bridge (both the original and the American remake), Spiral, Raising Hope (which I have seen multiple times, but want to see again…and again…and…), CSI: Miami (which I want to finish), My Name Is Earl (another one I have seen multiple times, but want to see again..and again…and…), Wayward Pines (since I recently just read the first book of the series), and Good Behavior (also written by Blake Crouch, who wrote Wayward Pines).

Yes, they also are movies, but not as many as Netflix or Amazon Prime that we are interested in seeing, but there is this one that we want to see again:

Do you use Hulu? If so, what do you recommend watching? If not, what have you been watching lately that you would recommend, either TV or movies?

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  1. I have Hulu for Handmaids Tale and am also bingeing The Americans on Amazon Prime and several things on Netflix. It’s really getting out of control. I see why people track their shows in their Bullet Journals. Especially with Amazon Prime. It doesn’t always advance to the next episode so you sit through the “previously on The Americans…” only to discover you’ve already seen this episode so you have to go back out, get the right one and sit through the “Previously on…” again. That’s when I check Twitter for the latest news. LOL


    1. She said she didn’t have that problem, but she is trying to get used to add to watchlist season by season. If you don’t, it will go back to the previous season, she says…maybe that is what was happening to you?

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  2. We have Netflix which my daughter uses quite a bit. I hardly watch at all anymore. I loved having The Wonder Years on there as well as Leave it to Beaver. These are shows I can watch over and over again and remind me of a simpler time but they took them down after being on there for years. I would really be okay without any TV at all but my husband likes sports so we have to have something.


  3. Hulu has definitely stepped its game up. I think they’re serious about competing with Netflix now.


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