Saturday Snapshots | The End of Winter?

This past week, I walked to work three times as Kim was visiting her sister and mother in Delaware. The first day was Tuesday, with the statue of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod in our town’s green; the second day was Wednesday, with a photo of another statue on The Green in honor of military veterans; the third day, Thursday, it snowed to start the day, but I ended the day with wings (both hot and mango habanero) and a Long Island Iced Tea at one of our favorite restaurants, The Roost, in our town.

How was your past week? Any highlights you want to share?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots | The End of Winter?

  1. I think last week was one of the weirdest from a weather perspective in my memory. I am hoping that was winter’s last gasp…finally!


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