…and yet another new thing

Last week, I started something new, with a photo collage for each day of the week Monday through Friday. This week, I only have three photos, which are in my featured image above, from Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Monday, I ate a nice chicken chipotle ranch salad for dinner; Tuesday, Alexandra snuggled with me earlier in the day, making it difficult for me to get out of bed; and then Friday, we finally were able to open our windows, even though it’s not gone back to being cold.

I also planned to start new features, one on Wednesday about what Kim and I are watching in TV and movies, and the other on Friday about what I’m listening to. While I did get to the Wednesday one, I didn’t get around to the Friday post. I hope to do that this week.

As for reading, I didn’t start anything new, as I had finished my reread of The Lord of The Rings last week, but did continue reading All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot yesterday afternoon. I did pick up a couple more books for my stack for the readathon on April 28, but I’ll share more of that in next week’s Sunday Salon post…

…speaking of which…

…I know I just started a new feature here with the collage, but I think I’ll be moving that to Saturdays with Saturday Snapshots. Why? Originally, when I started this blog, I wanted to keep my reading discussions to The Sunday Salon post, since that is what The Sunday Salon is supposed to be about: books.

So the new schedule tentatively will be:

  1. Sundays: The Sunday Salon
  2. Wednesdays: What We’re Watching Wednesdays or What We’re Watching This Week
  3. Fridays: Music I’m listening to…title of feature to be determined
  4. Saturdays: Saturday Snapshots, with photos from the past week.
  5. End of the month: A wrap of the last month and a look ahead to the new month.

I will provide links to the posts from earlier in the week during each Sunday’s post too so you still won’t miss out, if you don’t follow my blog via a feed and only via The Sunday Salon Facebook group.

How was your past week? Reading, watching, listening to anything worthwhile? Let me know in the comments.



3 thoughts on “…and yet another new thing

  1. I think that’s an ideal schedule. Saturday Snapshot is one of my favorite memes to browse.

    I downloaded the app but I haven’t used it yet. Soon. I like the idea of it.


  2. I love that you continue to challenge yourself with different blog themes and schedules. I’m wanting to post more often – and with more consistency. You inspire me to consider some themes that are a bit outside my box. Perhaps I will try a Saturday Snapshot feature and/or a Travel Tuesday post (?)


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