Trying a couple of new things

Starting this week, I am trying a couple of new things:

  1. With this post, I am going to add a photo collage from each day of the week, Monday through Friday (to start), pulled from an app I use called Journey.
  2. A new blog schedule that will include posts on Wednesday, for TV and movies that we watch, and Fridays, for music that I listen to.

The photo collage is in the featured image for today’s post. The week began at top left with snow on Easter Monday, with Alexandra providing a nice foreground; at bottom left, on Tuesday, Kim and I watched a video with a happy lady from China that made our week; at top center, on Wednesday, two suspicious packages were found outside our county’s courthouse, the next block over from where I work, but luckily were found to be non-dangerous; at bottom center, the week ended on Friday with snow, just a dusting, but still…; and at far right is my wife, who celebrated her birthday one day early Thursday with dinner and a drink, a Moscow Mule, at our favorite pub, The Roost. All in all, a good week when all was said and done.

What I’m reading: I just finished The Return of the King yesterday afternoon. Meanwhile, I made no progress with All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot this week. I also did pick up a few books of poetry and a novel, Tangerine by Christine Mangan, which Chris from Wildmoo Books recommended, from our library. The books of poetry, which I picked up after being reminded also by Chris and her friend Emily (known collectively as The Book Cougars) that it is National Poetry Month this month, are:

  • Wade in the Water by Tracy K. Smith, U.S. Poet Laureate
  • Unknown Friends by Carl Dennis
  • Colosseum by Katie Ford
  • Sending Christmas Cards to Huck and Hamlet by Joseph Mills.

What we’re watching: We finally finished Season 1 of Money Heist on Netflix, which was brilliant, and are into Season 2. We stopped watching the second season of Santa Clarita Diet for now, not because we didn’t like, but because we can watch when we need to watch a shorter show, for example, when Kim has to go to work early for a 12-hour shift on Saturday and Sundays.

What I’m listening to:

If that doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.

How was your past week? Reading, watching, listening to anything worthwhile? Let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Trying a couple of new things

  1. I never remember to take pictures, or when I do the moment I want to capture has passed. I do love everyone else’s, and your collage is fun!


  2. The collage is a nice idea. I know I could not keep it up. I would forget to take pics and then slam them all in in one sitting.

    That video at the end is cute.


      1. It instantly caught my attention like the Pineapple Pen video. If you haven’t seen that then you need to Google it.


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