In A Holding Pattern

This week, I am the red dot:

  1. My wife and I are still watching the first season of Money Heist, a Spanish series originally titled La Casa de Papel, on Netflix, and Mozart in the Jungle on Amazon Prime Video.
  2. I still am reading The Return of the King.
  3. We still are waiting for warmer weather, which with the start of Spring on the calendar is supposed to happen but here in northcentral Pennsylvania, we’re not holding our breath.

In the meantime, we did watch I, Tonya, which was surprisingly funny and the second movie with Oscar nominees and winners in it from this year’s Oscars that we have watched recently. The first was Three Billboards in Ebbing, MO, which also was darkly comical. The only caveat with I, Tonya is that it is good to check out other sources on the events of the movie, as the movie is biased towards Harding, although it doesn’t show her as a sympathetic character. The movie also doesn’t propose to tell the truth, but shows the story from a few points of view, including her husband at the time, Jeff Gillooly.

We also purchased BritBox as an Amazon channel and so far, we are enjoying reruns of Keeping Up Appearances and Black Adder. I also am enjoying watching A Touch of Frost. We did consider AcornTV, but since either we had seen what we wanted to there or a lot of the shows we wanted to see already were on Netflix, we decided that Britbox was the better option.

So how was your past week? Read anything good? Watch anything to recommend? Listen to anything mind-blowing?

13 thoughts on “In A Holding Pattern

  1. Nothing mind-shattering going on here. I was so busy last week that Sunday came and went and it just now occurred to me that I didn’t write a Sunday post. This week is a little better. I am reading Future Home of the Living God and it’s slow. Very slow. I sure hope it picks up. It’s a review book so I will give it a little more time to work its magic.

    My daughter’s choir sang two songs from Hamilton this past weekend and although my kids both saw the show AND are heavy into musical theatre, “I” have never listened to the songs so that is my plan this week. It’s on my playlist.

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  2. I really want to get Jim a subscription to BritBox for Jim. I believe I have mentioned more than once his preference for British dramas, and if it is a British police procedural forget it. He binges the whole show much to the family’s chagrin. 😉


  3. Oh, hmm, I may have to reconsider watching I, Tonya. I had no interest in watching a movie about Tonya Harding till you talked about it. We’re enjoying BritBox. I think we’ll probably eventually get Acorn but BritBox is going to keep me busy for ages. I’ve only managed to get through the first 2 seasons of the very first Dr. Who, William Hartnell. Not sure how long he played that role but after I finish with him, there are 6 more Doctors to go. So fun seeing the really old episodes, even though some of them are really awful.


  4. I didn’t think I, Tonya would be that good – so nice to see a review from you. I recently finished up Better Call Saul (seasons 1-3) which was pretty good. Took a few episodes to get into it though.


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