The Extra Time That Wasn’t

For most of this past week, my wife was away visiting her mother in Delaware, and I was on my own. Theoretically, that meant I should have had extra time to read, watch, and listen to what I wanted. In reality, it meant I read nothing while she was away, started watching one show and then deciding that I needed to stop watching until we could watch together, and listened to very little.

The show, the title of which is badly translated according to my wife, is Money Heist, a Spanish series originally titled La Casa de Papel, which literally means “paper house.” I am only a few episodes into the Netflix show, and all I can tell you is that it is a must-watch:

After she got back, I started my reread of The Return of the King, we watched Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri, and she “forced” me to listen to this:

The video was made in 2013, but became popular on YouTube only last year, garnering 3 million views. The son Brian Owens also has made a tribute album to Johnny Cash titled Soul of Cash:

We also continued watching the fourth season of Mozart in the Jungle on Amazon Prime:

Since the show is only 10 episodes and about 25 minutes each episode, we have decided to watch only a couple at a time, especially since it’s such a beautiful show. This is one show we didn’t want to binge-watch but savor as fine wine, sipping in each sweet moment.

Which books, movies, TV shows, or music have you been grooving this past week?

5 thoughts on “The Extra Time That Wasn’t

  1. This is probably my busiest week. I have triple booked myself every day this week. Every day. Some could not be helped. Choir concerts changing weeks. Doc appts that I was forced to reschedule. I have this mandatory training for volunteering that I really want to cancel on but I do love to volunteer and after a tense moment last night at homeless outreach, I am think more training can’t be a bad idea.

    The only show I sit myself down for is The Walking Dead but that’s mostly because it comes on so late on Sunday and after volunteering with teenagers it’s a nice, mindless break.

    I am reading a book for a tour called Rainbirds. I am always a little skeptical when it comes to book tours but this gal writes like Haruki Murakami which is a delight for me since his new book isn’t hitting the IS until after November. I’ve been waiting nearly two years.


  2. I will have to let Jim know a new season of Mozart in the Jungle is available for his viewing pleasure. When he lost his job, he stopped watching all TV. Now that he is working again, I hope I can bust him out of his ennui and get him to at least watching those shows he really enjoyed.

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