Sunday Salon March 4, 2018

Reading: Since finishing The Two Towers, I haven’t been reading that much. I dipped my toes into The Return of the King, but haven’t jumped into it yet.

Watching: Kim and I finished the second half of the first season of The Tick on Amazon Prime this past week. It was good, although I wish there were more now. On my own, I started watching Suits, also on Prime, which Kim and I had started watching before and then stopped after only a few episodes. As I was telling Kim last night in Messenger, I think I remember why we stopped watching: “Realized how much of a commitment and nerve-wracking, wondering when he [one of the main characters] is going to get caught for being a fraud.” The character pretends he graduated from Harvard to get a job as a lawyer. Still, it is good, so far, about six episodes in.

Listening: The latest Nicholas Jaar joint, 2012-2017, under his moniker A.A.L. (Against All Logic) has been spinning on my virtual turntable.

Otherwise: Friday was an unexpected snow day at the library, so I went to Goodwill and got three shirts, a car seat cover, and this glass:

All for $11. My father mentioned that the glass might be worth something, although Kim and I both didn’t think so…until a friend said I should look for others on EBay. I did and found a couple of sets of two for $70. He was right, but really I just picked it up because I liked the design. I have no plans to purchase the others, but it is interesting anyway.

This coming week: Kim is going to visit her mother in Delaware from Monday to Thursday, so I’ll be without a car for a few days and I’ll be walking to work. It’s not so bad walking to work, but back from work will be at 8 each night, uphill, and in less than seasonable temperatures, so I’m not looking forward to that. Coworkers, though, might be able to bring me home, but either way, I’ll survive as it is only a mile.

Kim was nice enough to make me little breakfast “cups” (bacon, egg, and cheese made in a cupcake tray) for breakfast and a pot of chili for at least one dinner, if not more than that. I went to the store and got lunch meats, cheeses, wraps, chips, and yogurts for lunches so I should be set for food.

I’d like to say that I will be reading much of the time Kim is away, but to be honest, I probably will just end up mindlessly surfing through whatever is on Netflix or Amazon Prime.


How was your past week? Read, listen to, watch anything of note? What do you have planned for this coming week?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon March 4, 2018

  1. I love finding bargains and goodies at Goodwill and other thrift shops. Haven;t tried watching Suits yet but we are finishing up season 5 of Longmire, love that show.
    If I lived in your neighborhood I would happily drive you home. Hopefully Kim will be back soon! Love the breakfast she left for you….yum!


  2. I went to Goodwill too! I ended up with some monogrammed glasses, two very 1960’s casserole dishes, perfect for Thanksgiving sides and my husband bought three shirts. The Girl got some stuff too. I was looking for a painting. Sometimes really nice paintings end up there. No luck there.

    I have been listening to Daily Mixes on Spotify. They take all of my playlists and combine them in different ways and then add new songs that I might like. I have been discovering a lot of the “B” side songs to my fave groups.

    Reading. I am all over the place with reading right now. My life group has us reading a book and I try to read my review copies in between that book and the ones I am reading for my book clubs.


  3. I watched the first three seasons of Suits. I really enjoyed the characters (and the acting) … but I grew weary of the fraud cover-up storyline. Someone told me dramas are difficult to binge watch because of the repetition. I think I tend to agree.

    Have a good solo week πŸ™‚


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