Pushing Forward Back February/March 2018

Last month began with a couple of highlights the first weekend with our annual tradition of watching the movie Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day on Friday and then going to a Super Bowl party at our neighbors that Sunday. But then the rest of the month didn’t go as planned as we didn’t go to the Wellsboro Winter Celebration mid-month and didn’t get to see Black Panther at the end of the month, both of which we had planned to see and do. I also had an adventure at Walmart one Saturday afternoon as I lost my wallet there. They did find it, complete with everything in it, but it made for a not-so-fun hour.

What I was reading: I finished one book, The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien, which I had started reading in January. I also recorded my second DNF of the year with Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

What we were watching: On the TV side, we started watching the fourth season of Mozart in the Jungle and the second half of the first season of The Tick, both on Amazon Prime. On the movie side, we also watched Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s Twelve, but couldn’t make it through Ocean’s Thirteen.

What I was listening to: Way Out West by Sonny Rollins.

Pushing Forward

March begins with Kim being away for a few days next week as she visits her mother in Delaware, meaning that I will have to walk to work those days. But I only live about a mile from the library, so it will be fine. Also early in the month, we are having a training day at the library, meaning the library will be closed as we learn about updates to new software. Yes, I know that without patrons, I wouldn’t have a job, but sometimes it is nice to not have them there either.

I’d like to say that Kim and I have big plans for the rest of the month, but that wouldn’t be true. We will be looking forward to new seasons of Jessica Jones and Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, but that’s about it. As for me, I will be continuing with my reread of The Lord of the Rings, as I will be starting The Return of the King.

How about you? How was your month of February? Any highlights with your reading, TV and/or movie watching, music listening? Any big plans for March?

6 thoughts on “Pushing Forward Back February/March 2018

  1. Your quiet March sounds just about perfect for me. We only have one weekend free from dance competitions in March and no weekends in April, so I am highly envious of those who have no plans. I am going to need a padded cell by May!


  2. I still haven’t seen Santa Clarita Diet even though it set and filmed in my hometown.

    The Walking Dead started up again last night and although the show as a whole has been very weak this past season, last night’s show was very sad but hopeful too. I will watch it until they decide to stop making it. I’ve spent way too many years on it to give up now.

    I watched the movie Get Out this weekend. It was pretty horrifying and although I figured out what was going on pretty early on, I still enjoyed it. My husband was creeped out. I kept looking at him like, come on, you can’t figure this out? LOL.

    No big plans in March. I am working in teen ministry the night of the Oscars so I guess I will miss that show. I can record it by why bother? I’ll already know who won by the time I get home.


  3. A re-read of the LOTR trilogy? I am ashamed to say I haven’t read one book… yet. I must admit the names (and fantastical elements) intimidate me, but I also know I am missing a true modern-day classic. Any advice how I might ease into the story?


  4. I ended up pausing my reading of Don Quixote for a palate-cleanser (H. G. Wells). It looks like I’ll only be able to get through about 200 pages at a time without needing to cleanse my palate. It’s a problem with having ADHD, I have a huge trouble with long books.


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