My Top 10 Favorite Things of 2017

I’ve decided to join hosts Girlxoxo, Traveling with T and Estella’s Revenge for their 4th annual #AMonthofFaves blog event – “a fun way to recap the year that was” – during the month of December. I can’t promise that I will post for every single topic, but I will try for a few at least. The first topic was/is “Favorite Things.” So these are a few of mine from 2017:

Time off/long weekends: Working part-time at a library, I don’t get a lot of time off, but when I do, I try to maximize it as much as I can by taking long weekends. This allows me to spend…

  1. Time with my wife Kim
  2. Time with our cats Seamus and Alexandra
  3. Time with our neighbors Mike and Kathy
  4. Time with books.

All four I treasure during other times than long weekends, but especially on long weekends.

The rest is just “icing on the cake,” as they say, starting with a…

NEW CAR! A 2011 Subaru Outback. We’ve had our previous car, a 2000 Mercury Sable station wagon, for seven years, and while it has been a good car, the repair and maintenance costs were becoming prohibitive.

100th anniversary of library: The library where I work celebrated its 100th anniversary this past year. Wooooo hooooooo!

Burger Fridays: As anyone who knows me, my favorite food used to be wings, but this year, it’s burgers, thanks to Kim making burgers every Friday night.

Game of Thrones: For the longest time, Kim and I resisted the craze, but once we gave her in, we gave in completely. We binge-watched all seven seasons and can’t wait for the final season whenever it is released.

Martin Truex Jr. NASCAR championship: I don’t pick many winners, so I was more than overjoyed when the veteran driver won his first NASCAR championship last month.

So what were some of your favorite things about this past year?

12 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Things of 2017

  1. Your cats are too cute! Congrats on the new car 🙂 My husband and I have started a ‘fun drinks Friday’ this year and actually have so far not even had to buy any alcohol for it, although there has been rather more soda and fruit juice around than we usually buy.


  2. You can never go wrong with a burger although I am toying with the idea of becoming a vegetarian again.

    My favorite things are probably no surprise to anyone.

    Quiet time on the couch with my pup.

    Movie nights with hot buttered popcorn although the Girl has braces now so we can only enjoy it when she is not around.

    Cooking when I have the time. I love to cook a really decadent meal and sip wine while I am doing it. Hasn’t happened in a long time.

    Bookstore browsing.

    Trips to the museum or botanical garden. This year we have tickets for the Christmas lights at the botanical garden on 12/23. SO excited.

    Christmas themed live shows, plays, musicals, etc.


    1. Kim has been trying to make one vegetarian meal a week. This week, it was French onion soup, which while not my favorite was pretty good. Enjoy the Christmas lights at the botanical garden. When we lived near Philadelphia, we went to Longwood Gardens, which had Christmas lights and fountains.


  3. Another one converted – welcome to the Game of Thrones fandom 🙂 And what – I didn’t realize that wings had been unseated as your favorite! * insert sad face here *


  4. Great list! My favorites were our vacation to Florida, Connor’s graduation, and Connor starting college. It’s been a big life-changing year for us.


  5. How could I have failed to notice your transition from wings to burgers? I was always liking those delicious wing photos on Instagram! LOL
    Long weekends have been almost a literal lifesaver for me this year. I work full time plus, so a good long weekend feels like a perfect luxury. I’ve loved having those opportunities to stop and catch my breath. Why can’t *every* weekend be long??


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