Reading (and wine trip) update

So I didn’t get any reading done last weekend, but Kim and I went on our wine trip, and it was fun:

My reading is going well otherwise, as I now have read five books so far this month:

  1. The Rubber Band, the third Nero Wolfe, by Rex Stout.
  2. The Lost Book of The Grail by Charlie Lovett, which was recommended by Tasha of the blog Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books.
  3. The Red Box, the fourth Nero Wolfe, by Rex Stout.
  4. Gallows View, the first Inspector Banks, by Peter Robinson, after seeing Tina of the blog Novel Meals mention the series on Instagram.
  5. The Western Star, the 13th Walt Longmire, by Craig Johnson.

I am in the middle of the fifth Nero Wolfe, Too Many Cooks, by Rex Stout. I also have the second Inspector Banks, A Dedicated Man, by Peter Robinson on my Kindle, ready to go. So I could get seven books finished this month, which would be equal my best month of reading, January, this year, if I do. Here’s hoping.

Other than reading books and drinking wine, I also have been continuing to watch Game of Thrones with Kim. We now are in the middle of Season 5. We have taken a couple of breaks here and there. A few nights ago, we watched Wonder Woman, and tonight we re-watched some Parks and Recreation. We’ll get back to GOT tomorrow, I’m sure.

We also look forward to renting Baby Driver soon, especially based on the opening scene:

So…how is your reading going this month? Let me know…and/or listening to, watching anything good?

4 thoughts on “Reading (and wine trip) update

  1. I’m very jealous the wine trip, that looked like so much fun. We want to watch Baby Driver and I have Wonderwoman on my library holds. As soon as it’s released we ought to have it in a week. Longmire is a favorite of ours, I need to get the books, I have only read one but am caught up in the series.

    Thanks for the mention of my blog and Inspector Banks. I hope you enjoy the series, I took my time reading them all, breaks with different genres. He really grows with the writing and the character grows as does his personal life.


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