In the rearview: My #labordayweekendreadathon

Last weekend, I planned to read and share the books I read on Instagram, and that’s exactly what I did:

The best of the three was The Lost Book of The Grail by Charlie Lovett, which was recommended by Tasha of the blog Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books. She wasn’t wrong: “If you love books and libraries, you need to read this novel.”

Not pictured in the collage above is what slightly sidetracked my readathon: our starting to watch Game of Thrones. A coworker of Kim’s owns the series on DVD and is loaning a series or two at a time. This morning, my wife, who works midnight shift, got seasons 2 and 3, so once she wakes up, there goes the rest of the weekend.

In the windshield

Next weekend, Kim and I are going on a wine bus trip to Seneca Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in New York. The trip is part of our library’s Centennial Celebration, includes three wine tastings, and a lobster festival at another winery, with a rhythm and blues band from Rochester performing. I also work Saturday, so unless I read on the bus, I won’t be getting much reading done. However, I do have off Thursday so maybe I’ll get some reading in then.

So…are you reading anything good lately? Let me know…and/or listening to, watching anything good?

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