Pushing Forward Back: August/September 2017

The month began with a bang, with my wife having to stay at the hospital for two days for atrial fibrillation. Plans then went sideways for a while, not only because of that, but also because of other extenuating circumstances, such as car troubles. Now here at month’s end, the ship has been somewhat righted with my wife getting the treatment she needs and we now know we have to get a new used car by the end of the year.

Reading: I finished three books:

  • Dark Water, the sixth in the Makanna Investigation series, by Parker Bilal, the pseudonym of Jamal Mahjoub, a British-Sudanese author
  • Absolutely Truly, the first in the Pumpkin Falls mystery series, by Heather Vogel Frederick
  • Murder is Binding, the first in the Booktown Mystery series, by Lorna Barrett.

And that was about the order in how good they were, in my opinion: very good, good, and fair to middling.

Watching: We didn’t watch as much as we usually do, but the highlights were all superheroes: The Defenders on Netflix, The Tick on Amazon Prime, and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (rented) on Amazon Video. My favorite of the lot was, and is, The Tick, if only short six episodes with the second part of the first season to come next year.

My favorite is the villain Overkill and his sidekick (?) Dangerboat:

Listening: Only a few new releases caught my ear this month with the highlight probably The War on Drugs’ latest album, A Deeper Understanding.

Life besides A-fib: Kim’s mom visited for a week during which we watched Crocodile Dundee with our neighbors in their backyard, on a projector on the back of their garage. The library where I work also held an open house in celebration of its 100th anniversary.

Pushing Forward

September starts with a bang too, but this time hopefully in a good way as I have a four-day Labor Day Weekend as I tacked on Tuesday as a vacation day. I plan on catching up on some reading. I hope to share more on Instagram as the weekend goes. The only thing I won’t be doing is sharing what I’m reading until I’m done with each book.

Mid-month, Kim and I are going on a wine bus trip to Seneca Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in New York. The trip is part of our library’s Centennial Celebration, includes three wine tastings, and a lobster festival at another winery, with a rhythm and blues band from Rochester performing.

Other than that, I don’t know…well, beyond a community multidiagnostic blood analysis since our insurance doesn’t cover bloodwork and a one-day work conference in Williamsport. Books, TV, movies and music? Nothing I can think of that I’m looking for forward to…oh, Wonder Woman coming from out on DVD since we missed it in the theater.

How was your month of August? Favorite book read, /TV show/series watched, album listened to? What was the highlight for you? What are you looking forward to in September?

6 thoughts on “Pushing Forward Back: August/September 2017

  1. I am so glad Kim is getting the help she needs. How scary!

    Jim has been watching The Tick and loving every minute of it. I haven’t actually sat down to watch it with him but what little I have seen of it looks amusing.

    Enjoy your long weekend, and I hope the books you do read are excellent!


  2. I hope your wife is feeling better now. My MIL had the same thing and had to be shocked back into rhythm.

    I am taking Tuesday off too because it’s my bday. I had planned to be totally lazy but I volunteered to cook my daughter’s volleyball team lunch that day since it’s game day and no one volunteered. So I will be schlepping lunch to the school and then staying for the game.

    I haven’t been watching too much but American Horror Story begins again on my birthday so there’s that. The trailer for the new season looks horrifying. It’s about the election.


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