Sometimes things don’t go as planned…

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but that’s alright because some things are more important.

That was this past week’s lesson as my plans were thrown for a loop. I had planned to do some reading after work on Thursday afternoon when I got home from work, and then was going to my parents on Friday. From there, we were going to the Corning Museum of Glass, as a birthday present to my mother, who celebrated her birthday Thursday. My father, sister, and her two children were to join us.However, as I was getting ready to come home from work, my wife Kim texted me that she had set up a doctor’s appointment because she had been having what she thought was symptoms of asthma all week. Less than an hour later, she had to be taken to the emergency room of the local hospital, where it was determined she had atrial fibrillation. Cut to the chase: Her heart is back in rhythm, she came home yesterday, and she now is on medications to control the A-fib.

Sooooo, as a result…

…like last week, I am still reading Dark Water, the sixth in the Makanna Investigation series, by Parker Bilal, the pseudonym of Jamal Mahjoub, a British-Sudanese author. It has been slow going, but not surprisingly, in light of that other news, it has been hard to concentrate. I mostly have been watching silly TV, CSI Miami specifically, because I can’t focus on much else.

A silver lining to all this is that the trip to Corning now has been moved to the following Friday: Aug. 18, with Kim and her mom, who is visiting that week, joining all of us. This coming Friday, my dad is coming over (lives about an hour and half away) to help me cut down some bamboo-like weed that keeps sprouting every few years and has to be cut back. He has a pickup truck so we can haul off the weeds to our town’s compost pile. 

Today? Maybe read, but mostly rest, especially for Kim. Later today, I’ll be going over to my neighbor Mike’s to watch NASCAR. Oh, and probably more CSI Miami

13 thoughts on “Sometimes things don’t go as planned…

    1. I will. She has had a follow up appointment this morning, is on medication, and will see a cardiologist soon for the next steps. She’s just trying to adjust to the new medications before going back to work tomorrow night/Wednesday morning.


  1. Wow, I know you are both relieved that she is home now and doing OK. Scary!
    I hope you post photos of the Corning Glass museum.


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