The Sunday Salon – The Birthday Edition


Yep, on Friday, I turned 48. In celebration of that, I’m going to be doing a few special posts this month:

  • June 18: Books: 48 favorites for the 48 years of my life
  • June 21: Movies: 48 favorites for the 48 years of my life
  • June 23: Music: 48 favorites for the 48 years of my life

I haven’t decided for music, if it will be albums or artists or maybe a combination. I’m not sure yet.

Then I will end the month with my regular features of book, movie, and album of the month along with Library Checkout sponsored by Charleen Lynnette at It’s A Portable Magic:

  • June 25: Book of the Month
  • June 26: Library Checkout
  • June 28: Movie of the Month
  • June 30: Album of the Month

As for reading, I am still reading Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo, even though I said at the end of last month, that I was (almost) finished with it. The beginning of this month has been hectic with getting ready for a book sale at work (at the library), which is running this week, but I’m hoping to finish the short book today and already have another one lined up. The next one is Tooth and Nail, the third in the Inspector Rebus series, by Ian Rankin, even though I abandoned the second one. I’m hoping it gets better; fingers crossed.

We’ve been watching a lot of different things, nothing in particular this week. Kim did finish our series on favorite Netflix and Amazon shows this past Wednesday with her favorite Amazon show. Musically, also nothing in particular is capturing my interest, but I’m hoping to get some listening in this morning and afternoon.

In life, this past week, other than getting ready for the book sale, I was able to celebrate my birthday Friday night and last night. First, on Friday night, we had burgers and fries for dinner, and coffee ice cream for dessert, then last night I celebrated with a birthday drinkalong with friends. A drinkalong is when a group of friends online watch a movie and have rules for certain things that happen in it to which they drink. My choice of movie was Hunt for the Wilderpeople and mostly it was a fun one. My rules were a little too much, with half a bottle of tequila gone, but I didn’t wake up with a hangover, so that was good.

How was your past week? In reading? In television or movie watching? Music listening? In life, in general?

15 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – The Birthday Edition

  1. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had fun celebrating. I am impressed you drank half a bottle of tequila with no hangover the next morning! I hope the rest of the month is just as awesome for you.


  2. Happy Birthday Bryan! Happy 48. Your upcoming posts sound good to me. I’m enjoying The Handmaid’s Tale TV series though it is grim; the flashbacks are getting interesting. I hope to read the book this summer to compare. Enjoy your bday week.


  3. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to your 48 special posts. I’m not sure I could list 48 films, either, but think I’m going to give it a shot.


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