The Four-Day Memorial Day Weekend Post

So instead of doing several posts today, tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, I’m incorporating all into one post. It will be kind of like a readathon post, with updates throughout the weekend. I will start with the plans, and then update with the reality.

Friday night

The plan is burgers and binge-watching the last four episodes of Riverdale with Kim.

Update: Burgers, eaten; two episodes of Riverdale down.


My wife works midnight shift so I want to read in the morning and early afternoon while she’s asleep, mow the lawn in the late afternoon (I don’t really “want to” do that, but I have to), and then start a Bloodline binge-watch in the evening with Kim.

  • Update Saturday night: Tried reading, abandoned two books, finally settled on a third: Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbø, which hopefully will stick, did mow the lawn, now watching Bloodline.


The plan once again is reading in the morning and early afternoon, and then binge-watching more Bloodline with Kim in the late afternoon. In the evening, I might watch some of the Coca-Cola 600 with our neighbor Mike. However, I might only be able to see the beginning with him since he goes to bed early. I plan on drafting a post for Library Checkout, a monthly meme the last Monday of each month where we talk about what we have checked out from the library, and then publishing it on Monday.

Update: Read a little, finished Blood on Snow, watched Coca-Cola 600 until rain delay, binge-watched more Bloodline with Kim, drafted post which as of now Monday is live.


Reading is again on the agenda as well as binge-watching with Kim, maybe the last few episodes of Bosch, Season 3. Also we have been invited to a picnic at our neighbor Mike and Kathy’s: steak and hot dogs, in the afternoon.


Reading, yep, most likely, but other than that, I’m wide open for anything, but Kim also is off from work.

So I’ll keep you posted throughout the weekend.

How about you? Do you have any time off this weekend? What are you planning to do this weekend?

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. The one race that I usually watch every year is the Indy 500 but missed it this year as we were out and about with Connor on Sunday. Otherwise, not much reading. We got sucked into a re-watch of the Band of Brothers mini-series yesterday. Such a fabulous series.


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