Stuck again and spinning my wheels

11720856After last week’s post in which I celebrated reading a book (“Yay! I read a book!”), I’m stuck again and spinning my wheels. I dabbled in Tim Dorsey’s The Stingray Shuffle after thinking continuing my trip to Florida that I started with Carl Hiaasen’s Double Whammy might be a good idea. A few chapters into Dorsey’s book, I decided I couldn’t take the multiple stories that I wasn’t really following and didn’t have the time to wait for them to connect, so I abandoned  it. Now I’ve picked up the second Inspector Rebus, Hide & Seek, by Ian Rankin (on ebook) from the hold shelf at the Free Library of Philadelphia and am enjoying its focus on one story.

I think I’m learning that I’m very single-minded when it comes to my reading in terms of plot. I can’t juggle multiple stories in my mind – something that makes me think I’m going to be returning Jo Nesbø’s latest Harry Hole novel The Thirst to the library tomorrow unread. I read a synopsis of the story or stories and am thinking I’m not going to be able to keep track of the multiple threads. Plus I know someone else is waiting for the book and I’d rather they be able to enjoy it. I was going to wait until Memorial Day Weekend to give it more attention then, but I might as well just let it go now so that the next patron can enjoy. It will be there when, and if, I want to return to it.

Just like last week, other than reading, I’m continuing to work at the library and my wife Kim and I are watching various shows on Netflix, which we’re writing a series about on the Wednesdays of this month. The first Wednesday, I shared my favorite Netflix shows; the second Wednesday, Kim shared her favorite shows on Netflix; and this past Wednesday, we shared our top 5 favorite Netflix shows.  Then  on the last two Wednesdays, I’ll share my favorite Amazon shows and Kim will share hers.

This week, I also tested out two new shows, now on Netflix, Wynonna Earp and Riverdale, the latter of which I’ve convinced Kim to watch. Both were good, but with Riverdale being the more intriguing of the two as it is a reboot of the Archie comics. I’ll be honest that I just wanted to see what they’d do with the comics and I have to say only a few episodes in to Season 1, I’m fairly impressed. Wynonna Earp, meanwhile, is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer mashup with a western and I’ve only seen the first episode, but it’s intriguing enough for me to try more soon.

This afternoon, though, speaking of spinning wheels, Kim, I, and two neighbors are going to watch this cinematic classic on the big screen (yee haw!):


What are you up to the last day of this weekend? Reading, watching, or listening to anything good? As for what I’m listening to, lately sadly it’s been Chris Cornell songs, 10 of which I highlighted in a blog post on Friday.

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  1. Smokey and the Bandit – what a fun movie to watch with friends! Such a great movie!

    I hope you can find something that captures your interest soon, and if not, I hope your TV shows are fantastic.


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