Our Top 5 favorite Netflix shows

Bryan & Kim's FaVEvery Wednesday this month, my wife Kim and I are doing a series on our favorite Netflix and Amazon Prime TV shows. The first week I picked my favorite Netflix shows; last week, Kim, her favorite Netflix shows; this week, our favorite Netflix shows, the ones we watch together. Then on the last two Wednesdays of the month, we’ll finish with our favorite Amazon Prime shows: mine, then hers. 

We had about 10 to start with, but then narrowed it down to these five, in alphabetical order. All the commentary this time is from Kim, because I didn’t have anything to say, beyond yes, you need to watch these.

Arrested Development

This was the show that made me love narrated comedy and Jessica Walter, who I’m convinced is fantastic in everything. Painfully awkward, joyfully absurd, you can’t help but pick your favorite Bluth (or Fünke) and root for them. I didn’t love the final season as completely as the others but it was still good.


This story of “good people who did a bad thing” unspools like great Shakespearean tragedy. You know it can’t end well, but you can’t look away. The third season will premiere Friday, May 26.

Dear White People

Watch this show. Have a discussion. Watch it again. Talk and listen. Mostly listen. Don’t let anyone who hasn’t seen it or whose back is up about it tell you what it’s about. Listen until you hear something you needed to understand.

Master of None

This show is like that delicious foreign film you want everyone to sit down and watch and you are frustrated because most of them won’t and they are missing out. It is beautiful. Aziz Ansari learned Italian for you. Watch his show. The second season premiered May 12.

Stranger Things

If you were like me in junior high, these kids were your friends. You had that bike, that room, your mom had that car. This is half the fun. The rest is the Stephen King flavored mystery and Stand by Me camaraderie. The second season is set to premiere October 31, 2017.

So have you seen any of these? What did you think? If not, tell us some of your favorite TV shows wherever you watch them. What are some of your favorites?

5 thoughts on “Our Top 5 favorite Netflix shows

  1. I agree with you on Dear White People. OMG–I love that show. So much stuff white people need to truly hear. And yet it is as funny and charming as it is important.


  2. Jim and I started watching “Bloodline” but got about halfway through the first season and stopped. I’m not certain why. I cannot wait for the second season of “Stranger Things”! I only hope it is as awesome as the first season!


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