A new course of action with my reading

After abandoning two more books,

  1. My Family and Other Animals, The Corfu Trilogy Book 1, by Gerald Durrell
  2. My Jesus Year: A Rabbi’s Son Wanders the Bible Belt in Search of His Own Faith by Benyamin Cohen,

arrow-1314517_960_720I have decided on a new course of action with my reading. From now on, I’m planning on reading one fiction, one nonfiction at a time, and putting others on wishlist in Overdrive.

To that end, I’ve let go of two others I’ve had out,

  1. Hell Before Breakfast: America’s First War Correspondents Making History and Headlines, from the Battlefields of the Civil War to the Far Reaches of the Ottoman Empire by Robert H. Patton
  2. The Moving Target, the first Lew Archer, by Ross Macdonald,

and I’ve removed the holds on eight other books. Some I might put on the wishlist. Others, I might not.

77604I’m left with focusing on one fiction, Fer-De-Lance, the first Nero Wolfe, by Rex Stout, and one nonfiction, The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Abrams. I think this way I can focus on the actual reading and not the talking about, and writing about, theoretical reading.

March 2017 in review

Reading: Finished five books to bring total for 2017 to 17. Check this post to see what the five books were, and which was my favorite for the month.

Watching: The Returned. See short review here.

Listening: The big album this past month was Drake’s More Life, which while better than his last one, wasn’t what really caught my ears. Instead, my ears  were toward toward three female twenty-something musicians, 28-year-old Welsh singer and producer Kelly Lee Owens on her eponymous debut, 24-year-old Cameroon-born New Yorker Lætitia Tamko’s Vagabon project Infinite Worlds, and 22-year-old Oakland multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte’s Jay Som project Everybody Works.

Here are all three albums via a playlist in Spotify:


So how was your March? Favorite read, TV show/movie watched, album listened to?

7 thoughts on “A new course of action with my reading

  1. Your plan sounds sensible of one fiction and one nonfiction. I usually read one book at a time, and listen to one audiobook, which seems to work for me. Good luck with your new plan.


  2. My nonfiction choices are usually cookbooks or crafting books that I can flip through in an afternoon. When I am reading a “proper” nonfiction like the ones you usually choose, I can’t read more than one at a time. I rarely have two books going at once but if I do, it is one novel and one nonfiction.

    Was there a particular reason why you abandoned “My Jesus Year”? I abandoned it, too, but can’t remember why. Most of my books come from the library so I often abandon them because I didn’t finish them before my lending period expired. That happened more often when I checked out physical books. Now that I read mostly library ebooks, I only check out one or two at a time so if I am running out of time these days, it is because I was only feeling so-so about the book and avoided picking it up.


  3. As you’ve seen on my blog, I’m currently reading way too many books. After reading this, I’m wondering if this is just a reflection of my life in general these days … overwhelmed. I need to fix that and make some changes. One of those being my reading, and return to my usual 3 books … one physical, one audio, and one with my kids.

    As for watching, I just finished watching the end of Grimm (sad to see that one go) and the season finale of Walking Dead. Now, I have no particular shows that I watch, so maybe I can get caught up on all those that I have DVR’d! Especially considering that I have spring break coming up soon.


  4. I like this idea! I find it is easier to alternate fiction and nonfiction as well. It makes it easier to focus on each and less likely to confuse issues. I hope you find this method conducive to reading!


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